Thursday, April 16, 2009

By Nicole Hipp

If I were to make a bobblehead of myself it would resemble a many-headed monster….to wear all the hats that I don each day as I morph in and out of my many roles. It’s career week in my 6 year old daughter’s classroom this week and on Tuesday evening she asked me “Who is Daddy? I mean not his name but what’s another thing we call him?” Ok, so I had to bite my tongue and resist all the clever answers immediately spinning in my head and said “Net Lease Broker”…which for some people, in this economy, could have a whole different meaning! And then she asked about me and I said “Bookkeeper”. And to avoid the next question I immediately offered a piece of distracting trivia to make my job sound a lot more exciting (in case she was compelled to share it with her class). “Did you know that bookkeeper is the only word in the English language with THREE sets of double letters all in a row?” (Recent news to myself as well!) She stared at me blankly perplexed much like she did when I tried to teach her “The Hustle”. So I tried to better explain that I count all the money and write checks to pay bills. She must’ve understood because as soon as Daddy stepped in the door, she proudly announced, Mommy is a book writer! Which is not a complete mistruth as I do have one of those in the works. And then the next day when I picked her up from school she shares “I told my class you are a book reader.” To a 6 year old this is quite the profession. Something they aspire to, so I accept it. After all, being a book reader to our kids really is a great thing. For many families, the economic downturn has been an upturn for the quality of family time. The creative juices that flow when you are trying to save money can be fun. Children now have a greater opportunity to learn some values – not just of money. And instead of constantly finding yourself on the run or eating out, families are eating in and entertaining themselves with each other AT HOME. The rat race got way out of control. And now consumer spending is down. It hurts in some ways. But when we are not out “consuming”, where are we? Hopefully at home with our families….book reading.

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