Friday, December 4, 2009

Buffalo Wild Wings Has Keys to Success

The Restaurant Association's performance index may show that the restaurant industry has been shrinking for the past 23 months but Buffalo Wild Wings (NYSE: BWLD) has continued to profit and expand, bucking that trend. According to new analysis by MSN Money, Buffalo Wild Wings tops the list of restaurants that are succeeding during this recession. It offers an atmosphere which contains both value based products and entertainment, perfect for the climate of negative news today.

This year, Buffalo Wild Wings has seen profits increase 34% and overall revenue increase by 31%. This growth is not contained to recent events, but in-fact has been a measurable trend. Over the past four years Buffalo Wild Wings has seen revenue growth of at least 19% per year. Last year it pulled in $422 million in revenues, by 2014 Value Line predicts yearly revenues to increase to $1 billion.

Expansion has been a key to Buffalo Wild Wings success. Currently it owns 197 stores and 363 franchises. According to its 2008 report, Buffalo Wild Wings aims to grow that number to 1000 outlets nationwide. In order to reach this goal, it plans on opening 60 stores a year. So far this expansion has been both achievable and profitable. Last year the company recorded revenues of $2 million per store.

Though many companies are finding it hard to maintain operations, let alone flourish in this economy, Buffalo Wild Wings has done so. It is always encouraging to look upon those that have managed to find success and companies such as Buffalo Wild Wings demonstrate that the correct business model can function in this climate. It also represents a rare opportunity to invest in an expanding business in an environment marred by foreclosures and bankruptcies. This is why we have seen a continued supply of Buffalo Wild Wings flowing through the net lease investment market, investors like profitable and successful companies.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Commercial Mortgage Defaults Rise to 3.4% in Third Quarter

According to recent reports, the commercial mortgage default rate on loans held in U.S. banks more than doubled in the third quarter, increasing to 3.4%. A year earlier commercial mortgage defaults stood at 1.37% and were at 2.88% in the second quarter. This development means that default rates are now at their highest levels since 1993.

Of all loans, those originating between 2006 and 2007 have experienced the most troubles, due to their typically high amount of debt financing.