Monday, May 4, 2009

Medical Office Real Estate May Be the Way to Avoid Un-Healthy Investments

By Winston Orzechowski

While many real estate investments are losing value, the Medical Office sector has shown remarkable resilience. The segment is holding up much better than other property types and this trend projects to continue. So who do we have to thank for this bit of good news? Well the Baby Boomers of course. Though a recession can slow many things down, one thing which it cannot alter (although it may seem like it can) is the progression of time. The simple fact is that as more boomers age, they will inevitably have an increased amount of medical issues which subsequently turn into an increased amount of medical costs. This all adds up to relatively inelastic demand for medical services and their pertaining medical office buildings. So if you’re considering investing in today’s market, there may be no firmer investment than our nation’s infirmaries.

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